Jingyuan set up the Jingyuan Titled Charity Fund at Yuyao Charity Federation, the company made earnest efforts to take part in public welfare undertakings, actively paid back the society, and was awarded with honorary titles such as “Star of Charity”, “Model of Charity” and “Outstanding Charitable Enterprise” of Yuyao City in consecutive years;
Jingyuan established a caring group, which is supported by the Party Branch of Jingyuan, mainly composed of youthful members of the Party and the Communist Youth League, aiding students, helping the poor, caring kids, respecting the old, and supporting hospitalization, and devoting into charity by starting from themselves, from small ones and from those by their side;
The “Jingyuan Titled Charity Fund” has spent RMB 3.08 million in aiding students, helping hospitalization, helping the poor, supporting construction causes and other fields;
Our steps will never stop……

As of today, schools paired with the Jingyuan caring group on long-term basis include Hemudu Elementary School, Hemudu Middle School, Lianghui Elementary School, Lianghui Middle School, Yuyao Middle School, Yuyao No.2 Middle School, Yuyao No.3 Middle School, Yuyao No.7 Middle School, Yuyao No.8 Middle School, Moushan Middle School, Liangnong Middle School, Yuyao No.2 Vocational School, Yuyao No.3 Vocational School, Yuyao No.5 Vocational School, Ziling Middle School and Simingshan Middle School, totally more than a dozen schools, and over 140 students are involved.